Hello Friends!

This is Gene Ho – the Co-Host of “Right On Focus.”

I’m starting a blog here so you can keep up with the different things we have been doing.

I start this first blog after getting a phone call from Washington DC. As some of you may know? I was the personal campaign photographer for Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Anway – I have neat info to share with you but I have to wait until May to reveal it! Sorry for the tease!!

I took this picture exactly 5 years ago this month. Everyone talks about Trump going DOWN the escalator at Trump Towers. But few know that Trump REALLY started his campaign 3 months before that by WALKING UP the stairs.

Trump “started” his campaign unofficially in Myrtle Beach, SC. Famous peeps in this pic: On his cell phone is Corey Lewandowski. To the left? Trump’s famous bodyguard Keith Schiller. To the right? Ed McMullen whom would be the future U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland.

Tomorrow is May 1 and America will “start” to open up. And I get it… it will be slow to get back to normal. But Trump will fix the economy and we will stand strong together. Trump will be re-elected. America will rise above. Screenshot this and hold me to this: One week AFTER election day 2020 will be amazing.

Things are just starting to get fun.

We now have access to the Trump Train Bus and the Trump Copter.

The Right on Focus crew are working on a nice promo video for you!

A new episode coming soon where Right On Focus co-host and my wife Nadean Ho interviews Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Your going to love how warm the Toughest Sheriff in America really is when he talks to Nadean!!