Trump Rally 17 Point Checklist




1) Get Tickets

While tickets to Trump political rallies have always been free, there is a registration process to hold tickets inside the event space. As the movement has grown, it has outgrown most reasonable stadiums and arenas. Register as soon as you are able.

2) Go in Groups

Those who have been to a Trump rally will tell you the camaraderie, the patriotism and the energy are unmatched. While you are sure to meet many new friends in the sea of like-minded Americans, it is truly a wonderful experience to share with friends!

3) Go Early

It is not uncommon to hear of people camping overnight to be one of the first in line at a MAGA rally! Don’t let that deter you from showing up early the day of the event. Some plan to be in in line as early as 7am. But realistically? While NOT everyone is guaranteed to get into the event EVEN with tickets. Realistically? Plan on being there AT LEAST 4 hours early.

4) Remember your Parking Spot

Do yourself a favor and take cell pics of where you are parked. Also – if you go early? It’s better to park nearest to the exits. The line to leave is long – so it’s better to park far away and then walk so you can get out earlier.

5) Bring a Disposable Bag 

The best way to describe what it’s like? It’s like going through TSA at the airport. You want to bring snacks, water, etc. while you wait in line. But once you get checked in – you want to “travel light” and not worry about carrying items.

6) Bring Plenty of Water

Not all the events offer a concession stands. Depending on the season and environment leading up to the even? You will need to plan accordingly, however, staying hydrated is essential.

7) Bring Snacks: Granola Bars – Trail Mix 

See above. Few things are harder to overcome than a hangry wait. Bring items that are light to carry – but will have great impact.

8) Consider Reinforcements 

If you are lucky enough to have friends/family relatively close to the rally point? You might also consider having someone drop by at a set time to deliver wish-list items. This beautiful gem is for the luckiest of attendees!

9) Bring Business Cards 

Be prepared to network with like minds. Have business cards on hand, or alternate methods to share contact info in the event you hope to later re-connect after the event.

10) Choose your Location

Upon entry to the event? Scout out the available areas to claim your perch. In many cases this will be your post for a few hours. So do your best to ensure you’re not straining your neck, and settle in. Best spot? NOT Front and center? Usually this standing room only. Better to grab a seat to left or right of the stage.

11) Time your Breaks to the Restroom

This is where traveling with another comrade will greatly benefit the cause. Being there does not automatically assigned seating at rally events. Technically your seat can’t be held if no one is tending it for you. Make friends with those around you!

12) Scout out the Celebrities

In front of the stage and to immediate side – there will be a section for VIP’s. That is where they will be sitting. This section is closed off – but just walk up to the barrier introduce yourself.

13) Best Place for a Picture

Back in the day – Donald Trump would do selfies and sign autographs after his talk. Since then, Secret Service has a lot of restrictions. The best place to get a picture is to predict where he will LEAVE the stage. Is it to the RIGHT of the Stage or the LEFT? As Trump leave the stage – he likes to greet people and pose for photos.

14) Best Place for an Autograph

When he was Candidate Trump – Donald Trump would always sign autographs after events. Times have changed and it is mostly due to the Secret Service restrictions. Most autographs are now done in private and NOT at a public event. Some Senators and Congressmen who have access to Trump can get things signed. But an autograph is rare.

15) Laugh at the Media

During the actual event – the Media are required to stay in the section to the back of the event center. Go there. Have fun. You can’t miss it. Go there – and view the “animals” in their cage. They are NOT allowed to leave that area during the event.

16) Avoid Protesters

Please know? Some of them are PAID to be there to cause trouble. AVOID THEM.

17) Post at Pictures of the Event

This is how we will win in 2020. Post you pictures on Social Media. Do Not be Afraid.



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